Our Partners

Building upon the strengths of research institutions in the Lower Mekong Region and other academic partners worldwide, the initiative is establishing a network of knowledge development partners and supporting cross-disciplinary and cross-border research collaborations that will promote the study of particular sustainable development questions in the context of the region’s larger natural bio-physical and socio-economic systems.

Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), Cambodia 

As an independent Cambodian development policy research institute, the mission of Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) is to contribute to Cambodia's sustainable development, and the well-being of its people, through the generation of high quality policy-relevant development research, knowledge dissemination and capacity development. CDRI’S research focus on five inter-related themes: Economy, trade and regional cooperation; Agriculture and rural development; Democratic governance and public sector reform; Natural resources and the environment; and Social development.

Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid), Cambodia 

Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) is a group of young professionals and scientists formed as a team from 1997 with great ambition to help farmer communities to improve their livelihood through innovative agricultural production. 


Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Cambodia 

Center for Policy Studies (CPS) is a research unit of the Cambodian Economic Association (CEA). CPS has conducted many policy-relevant research projects involving economic development policy, private sector development, natural resources management, and skill and social development.


College of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CAF), Can Tho University, Viet Nam 

The College of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CAF), Can Tho University (CTU), was established in 1979. For over 30 years, CAF has been always attempting and developing itself to fulfill its missions of education, research and technical transfer on the areas of aquaculture and fisheries in order to meet the need of manpower and advanced technology for the development of aquaculture and fisheries in Viet Nam,  and the Mekong Delta, particularly.


College of Economics, Hue University, Viet Nam

The College of Economics at Hue University has become nationally recognized as a remarkable institution since 2002. The College is located in Hue City, Vietnam and offers over twenty programs for its bachelors, masters, and doctoral students. The five faculties at the College of Economics provide numerous intensive research and academic courses regarding economics and development, business administration, finance, economics, and information systems.