The project’s research activities are organized around three crosscutting themes. The Future of the Environment in the Lower Mekong Basin encompasses challenges related to natural resource governance, including energy generation issues. The Future of Agriculture in the Lower Mekong Basin examines the challenges of sustainably increasing productivity and incomes in agriculture, livestock, and fisheries. And, the Future of Livelihoods in the Lower Mekong Basin studies examines strategies and policies for ensuring that livelihoods derived from river-based activities are both remunerative and sustainable. The research examines a number of related issues including urban/regional planning, cooperative mechanisms for transboundary resource management, efficient generation and distribution of energy throughout the Lower Mekong region, and integrated regional infrastructure development. Recommendations for improved economic management and resource governance are key outcomes of LMPPI’s research. These provide decision makers with insights appropriate to the formulation and implementation of public policy.