The management of flood-plain natural resources for future livelihoods in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam


The proper management of floodplain natural resources in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam can contribute to livelihood sustainability and resilience at multiple scales against anticipated changes in this area. The proposed study will provide options for utilizing the floodplain natural resources to help sustain agricultural output and livelihood generation. It will identify how current policies and institutions need to be modified to support the management of floodplain natural resources.  The project consists of three components: (1) rice-based cropping systems, (2) flood-plain aquaculture and fisheries, and (3) sustainable livelihoods.

Research objectives

Four major activities will be conducted: (1) analyzing lessons from changes in the utilization of natural resources, especially rice intensification and changes in livelihoods; (2) examining options that would increase livelihood outcomes, resilience and sustainability of floodplain ecosystems; (3) quantifying the costs and benefits of the livelihoods and ecosystem services through the options of natural resources utilization; and (4) identifying policy actions to enable better use of open floodplain natural resources.

Research questions

[1] What are promising farming systems to eliminate triple rice cropping in consideration of multi-objective benefits of the floodplain and local inhabitant’s livelihoods?

[2] What are required modifications of current policies and institutions to enable the sustainable development of promising farming systems?

Research areas

The project will be implemented in four districts: Tri Ton, Chau Phu (An Giang province), Thanh Binh and Hong Ngu (Dong Thap province), with the participation of local stakeholders.


The research project will employ a sustainable livelihoods approach and ecosystem services, and encourage stakeholders’ involvement as well as policy engagement with a participatory learning in actions strategy as the vehicle.